At Thoughtfully Yours, we believe in the beauty and power of words. We believe a handwritten note can make someone's day. We love the simple things. We believe the beautiful imperfections of art resemble the beautiful imperfections in life. We draw inspiration for our designs from nature, history, and vintage art and books. We have a love for romantic details and elegant textures that bring understated sophistication to our designs. Details like silk ribbon, hand poured wax seals, handmade and double thick paper, or printing methods like letterpress, foil press, and embossing. We pride ourselves in designing by hand all of the art and calligraphy in our studio - on paper, using calligraphy ink and nib, pen, pencil, or watercolor and acrylic paint.  

Here to capture the beauty of life's fleeting moments on paper

thoughtfully yours is a bespoke calligraphy, art, and stationery design boutique

We believe beauty is in the details and that successful design is rooted in these intentional details and storytelling.

We believe

OUR PHILOSOPHY and design approach

Successful design is rooted in intentional details and storytelling.

We believe everything from the hand calligraphy flourishes on each letter, to hand drawn florals and designs, to the type of paper and print method, to the textures of ribbon, wax seals, vintage accents, and more, all come together to create an exquisite and bespoke design for each of our collections. 

beauty is in the details.

We believe

OUR PHILOSOPHY and design approach

The roots of this creative journey started as two little girls who found joy making something beautiful out of nothing - sitting at the kitchen table creating, baking with our mom, or spending time outdoors in the vegetable garden we proudly planted each year. Flash forward to today all those years later, we are still at the core those two hearts who love to create. 

Founded by two sisters 

meet the team


Dominique's an old soul at heart, enjoys a good cup of tea, and has watched Gilmore Girls too many times to tell. While she will always be a Jersey girl at heart, Dominique now lives with her family in the south. She serves in the U.S. Army and it has been one of the greatest honors and most fulfilling experiences in her life.

Inspired by the timeless, vintage art, and abundance of nature


co-founder and lead designer

An avid coffee drinker and lover of Grey's Anatomy, Natalia lives at a cottage near the coast of New Jersey. When she's not sitting with her toes in the sand or spending time with family and friends, Natalia works in a hospital as a registered nurse.

Inspired by the sea, textures, and classic nostalgia


co-founder and designer

5% of our profits go to
The Fisher House Foundation

a tribute to
our military

impact beyond investment

With many family members currently serving and formerly served in our nation's military, it's so important to us to thank and honor our nation's service men and women. We are forever indebted to them for their selfless service and sacrifices to preserve our rights and freedoms.

— florence littauer

and read over and over again.

close to the heart

is that it can be held

The beauty of the written word

Unique  Stories


Understated Sophistication

the thoughtfully yours team can't get enough of

what inspires us



Filled with joy to design elegant and intentional stationery collections for our clients and boutiques

where we're at


Rebranded to Thoughtfully Yours and pivoted to designing wedding stationery and haven't  looked back

elegant transformation


Joined new shops for wholesale collections and continued to refine our signature design style

growth + Better days


A challenging time for us and the world as we learned to balance our full time jobs with designing

slow + Harder days


Took the plunge to expand our collections after graduating college



Began to develop our signature style and opened our Etsy shop

the younger years


Welcomed by a local shop to consign our handmade collections

the beginnings


Just two little girls selling handmade cards during summers in LBI

where it all started


Our Story From The Beginning

thoughtfully yours at a glance

Understated Sophistication

You treasure the beauty and simple things in life. A walk on the beach cures your soul. A coffee at your favorite local shoppe gives you the joy you needed to start your day. A day filled with antique shopping and good food makes the perfect girl's day. You are not as much about the trends but more about the timeless and things that never go out of style. You seek out romantic textures and classic styles with refined elegance.

You are intentional. You care about the refined details. You value the superior design quality of an artist's touch.

our clients relish in the details and value the luxury of handmade

our clients


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